Neutron (NTRN) is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency.

We’re a stable, safe & self-funded proof of stake cryptocurrency that allows you to generate automatic interest(up to 60%/yr) based on the amount you hold.
Automatic Interests
Steady growth of value and volume over time coupled with a decreasing rate of inflation make Neutron a sensible choice for long term staking and solid ROI.
Community Supported
Our Team is as Strong as our Community! With Our 6 Exchanges, 400+ Masternodes Continuously Supporting Our Mission.
Masternode Tech
Proof of stake cryptocurrency advanced users, may operate a “Nucleus Node” to support the network and be paid for the work your node does.
Constant Development
10% of all network production is always directed to the constant development of our wallet, network and features.


Masternode Services

NTRN wallet pays interest automatically.

Wallet Neutron v2.2.0 is out.

All you need to hold a Masternode and start making more than 60%/year without any worries is a computer and 25k Neutron.
30%/year is offered by simply holding any amount of  coins in your wallet.

Windows Wallet
Mac OS Wallet
Mac OSX.
Linux Wallet
Compile from Source
Earn Neutron Coins

Panda Bot

You can earn Neutrón coins on our Discord server, just subscribe and participate in our giveaways and coin rains. you can also stake your winnings with Panda Bot

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The Team
Thomas Dowdy
audiotopix Project Manager/Developer
oicu8 Support/Developer
Eron Villarreal
ev Lead Developer
Rick Caceres
cananet Marketing Director
Jason Hickson
depiyster Marketing/Support
Theron Rodriguez
theron General Manager
Join our Community
A Coin is as Solid as its Community
Our community is fighting hard to make Neutron different and special. We are people just like you – one man can change everything.
Daily Improvement Discussions
Neutron is our dream and we fiercely and constantly discuss on how to improve it.
Community Support
Not all of us are tech savvy, we know it. That’s why we are always there to help you.
Market Insights
What would be of a crypto community without some fiery market discussions?
Community Council
We select the most active and valuable investors to participate and discuss the future of NTRN
Heavily Moderated
We do not leave any spaces for jokes when the subject is improvement.
Community Guided Updates
We take our investors very seriously – Their safety & desire is our north.
Masternode Tools
Step-by-step guides to get your MN started.
Block Explorer

Information about

the Masternodes

MN Payments

How much NTRN MN is producing

Wallet Bootstrap

Is your wallet taking long

to sync? This will help.

Pos Coin Specs

Built to last.




Fair Launch No Premine No IPO/ICO

Tech Specs

Algo: SHA256d RPC Port: 32000 P2P Port: 32001

Block Time

79 Seconds

Coinbase Maturity

90 Blocks

PoW Generated

≅ 1.000.000 Coins

PoS kicked in @

Block 500

PoS Coin Maturity

5h (hiPOS)

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