We're a stable, safe & self-funded proof of stake cryptocurrency that allows you to generate automatic interest,  based on the amount you hold.


Automatic Interests

Steady growth of value and volume over time coupled with a decreasing rate of inflation make Neutron a sensible choice for long term staking and solid ROI.


Community Supported

Our Team is as Strong as our Community! With Our  Exchanges, 400+ Masternodes Continuously Supporting Our Mission.


Masternode Tech

Proof of stake cryptocurrency advanced users, may operate a “Nucleus Node” to support the network and be paid for the work your node does.


Constant Development

10% of all network production is always directed to the constant development of our wallet, network and features.

Eco friendly wallets

Let your wallet reward you

NTRN wallet pays interest automatically.

Neutron Wallet  v3.0.13 is out.

All you need to hold a Masternode and start making more than 40%/year in NTRN coins without any worries. You just need  a computer and 25k Neutrons.

17%/year in NTRN coins is offered by simply holding any amount of  coins in your wallet.

Windows Wallet


Mac OS Wallet

Mac OSX.

Linux  Wallet


Linux QT Wallet




Compile from Source

Our Team

Thomas Dowdy

Thomas Dowdy

Project Manager/Developer


Theron Rodriguez

Theron Rodriguez

General Manager


Thomas Posey

Thomas Posey

Lead Developer/ Support


Rick Caceres

Rick Caceres

Marketing Director


Jason Hickson

Jason Hickson



Eron Villarreal

Eron Villarreal



Adam Waldenberg

Adam Waldenberg





  • Continuing Social Development by Partnering with Social Send

     A platform that enables real usability by sending of Crypto Currencies by means of all major Social Media outlets. This will again widen the reach of Neutron socially and widen the possible Audience and marketing capability efficiently.
    NTRN presence in social media Via Social Send: Social Send

  • Atom Wallet


Q2- 2019

  • DiscordTip Partnership

    Increasing our reach socially, in true grass roots fashion by listing with discord tip which is used on over 4000 discord servers

  • N

    Wallet V3.0 Release

    New Mandatory wallet
    New protocol version 60019 (v3.0),
    Masternode payment spork enforcement

  • N

    Listing to Altmarkets Exchange

    To markets to trade BTC and Dodge
    $BTC: https://altmarkets.io/trading/ntrnbtc
    $DODGE: https://altmarkets.io/trading/ntrndoge

  • N

    Listing to TxBit Exchange

    With the help of the members of Neutron, we managed to win the first place in the popular vote
    3 markets to trade: BTC, ETH and XLRT
    $BTC: https://txbit.io/Trade/NTRN/BTC
    $ETH: https://txbit.io/Trade/NTRN/ETH
    $XLR: https://txbit.io/Trade/NTRN/XLR

  • N

    Neutron will be participating at Bitcoin Ben’s World’s Largest Crypto Meetup.

    This is the first meetup we have attended and we will be there promoting not only Neutron, but also showcasing our partners and relationships, face to face with people from all over. It is our goal to show people who we are, and what we are doing in terms of promoting not just our coin, but also the entire Ecosystem we are putting together around it. We hope to meet you there! This will be the first of many!

    Register here: Bitcoin Ben’s World’s Largest Crypto Meetup

Q1 2019

  • N

    Listing to the Birake Decentralized Exchange network.

       By listing NTRN to the Birake network we ensure that there will always be many Decentralized exchanges all over the world in growing numbers with NTRN listed from opening day with a shared orderbook. Decentralized exchanges provide a more secure, trading environment versus traditional crypto exchange platforms. And this is yet another pillar in the ecosystem that Neutron is positioning in. Now there are more places to trade Neutron than ever!

  • N

    Social Development / Partnership Forging / Ecosystem Creation

    Engaging the NTRN community and many other communities by using Pandabot and the Fat Panda Club, which allows for tipping, ntrn rain, and mobile wallets, with an internal stake pool, right inside of Discord!

      Joining Midas.investments Platform for instant shared masternodes to increase the ease of which anyone can own all of or a percentage of a masternode, without the need for a VPS or the technical knowlege to deploy.


Q4 2018

  • N

    Release of Wallet V2.2- consolidation patch

    All old client versions were made obsolete, the network was consolidated to one wallet version.  We commit to the Minimum amount of mandatory updates per year to increase unattended reliabilaty for long term staking.

  • N

    EDU platform closed

    It was a huge endeavor that we just couldnt pull together with limited resorces, the decision was made to terminate the project, regroup and get back to our roots.

Join our Community
A Coin is as Solid as
its Community

Our community is fighting hard to make Neutron different and special.

We are people just like you – one man can change everything.

Daily Improvement Discussions
Neutron is our dream and we fiercely and constantly discuss on how to improve it.
Community Support
Not all of us are tech savvy, we know it. That’s why we are always there to help you.
Market Insights
What would be of a crypto community without some fiery market discussions?
Community Council
We select the most active and valuable investors to participate and discuss the future of NTRN
Heavily Moderated
We do not leave any spaces for jokes when the subject is improvement.
Community Guided Updates
We take our investors very seriously – Their safety & desire is our north.


Coin Specs

Built to last.




Fair Launch
No Premine

Tech Specs

Algo: SHA256d
RPC Port: 32000 P2P
Port: 32001

Block Time

79 Seconds

Coinbase Maturity

90 Blocks

PoW Generated

≅ 1.000.000 Coins

PoS kicked in @

Block 500

PoS Coin Maturity

5h (hi PoS)

Masternode Tools

Step-by-step guides

to get your MN started.

Block Explorer

Information about

the Masternodes

MN Payments

How much NTRN MN

is producing

Wallet Bootstrap

Is your wallet taking long

to sync? This will help.

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