Neutron Coin Roadmap

In the Neutron Coin Roadmap you can check out past & future projects.

neutron coin roadmap long term

Upcoming Projects

Long Term Goals

Mobile Wallet

We know how much you want to carry your Neutrons everywhere with you with safety. This is why we're studying what is the best way to start and deliver this project. Soon you will be sending Neutrons with your cell.

Ledger Integration

Soon Neutron will be compatible with the Ledger, allowing you to store and protect your Neutrons with the best crypto-cold wallet storage technology.

Business Partnerships

We will get in touch with other educational projects and companies and see how we can help each other and to further expand the usage of Neutron outside the crypto world.

Sponsoring Programs

Neutron will also be sponsoring cryptocurrency related events, youtube channels and platforms that are beneficial to new and existing shareholders.

Extensive Public Relations

Neutrons goal is to make the entire world aware of what Neutron stands for and has to offer.
The Neutron team will be extensively and aggressively be reaching out to influential people within the cryptocurrency space and inform these influencers exactly what Neutron is about as well as what the benefits are when investing in Neutron.

Direct Web Payments

Implementing Neutron & other altcoins within our site so you can pay with your altcoins directly with no hassle. Also, seek for partnerships to use Neutron as an online education payment & incentive alternative.

Neutron Memberships

Once the stage 1,2 and 3 are complete we will start offering packages of curated cryptocurrency educational content for a small monthly fee that will be used to further develop the project.

Platform Gamification

Through gamification, we plan to enhance the user experience and retention during the learning experience. Also, boost the completion rate and overall satisfaction.

Blockchain-backed University

With the support of the community and teachers, we can offer one-on-one classes, tutoring and much more – once again the potential is unlimited.
Neutron will become the first remote, completely decentralized, blockchain based cryptocurrency university in the world.

Cryptoeducation Franchising

We have received some interesting proposals from the physical franchise world. This will be the last frontier for our platform. We will study how we can better mix Neutron with real-life education.

Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Once the educational side of the platform is solid and evolved, we will expand to all things crypto. So we can offer all the best the cryptocurrency world has, a flexible choice to be on the Neutron coin roadmap.
neutron coin roadmap in progress

2018 Goals

Now in Progress

EDU Platform Phase 2 [✓]

It’s time to start building and testing the free content area for new submissions. The community has already started to submit content and those are the first steps towards the universal crypto-library (Stage 3) we will keep the Neutron coin roadmap updated.

Web Improved Navigation [✓]

Improving the breadcrumbs and menu navigation. JS, CSS & HTML minifying and image optimization for a better load speed.

Web Security Fortification [✓]

In order to boost our system against brute force attacks and other types of hacks, we are updating our platform's login & dashboard area.

New Wallet v2.0.1 [✓]

Safer, faster & more profits, the new wallet release fixes a lot of known issues and possible exploits, the MN payouts are more consistant and the uptime more stable.

EDU Platform Phase 3

Everybody loves smooth and simple processes, so we have been improving not only our main website but also our Educational Platform user experience & interface after our beta-testing results. We want to provide a seamless and intuitive learning curve. UX & UI improvements it's what this phase is all about.

Instant Transactions

Upgrade the network to allow for sending and receiving instant irreversible transactions. Making Neutron a viable solution for point-of-sale shopping and e-commerce payments a must in the Neutron coin roadmap.

New Exchanges [In Progress]

Our team is reaching out to new exchanges in order to offer more flexibility and a broader marketplace for our investors. So far several submissions have been sent.

Advertising Budget Review [✓]

An advertising budget has been put in place and allocated on the following: Banner ads, Youtube influencers, Twiter Ads, Sponsoring, Cryptocurrency content-driven platforms, Educational platforms.

Organic Growth Boost [✓]

One of the main focuses is to grow the community which would increase Neutron's organic exposure. Neutron represents and believes in decentralization, therefore we’ll start programs to encourage the community to participate in cryptocurrency forums such as Reddit, Steemit, bitcoin talk and Discord as the project belongs to everyone.

Wallet Redesign [In Progress]

The wallet colors, branding, navigation, and features in the wallet will be expanded to make Neutron even easier to manage.
A quest of achievements
2017 – Completed Projects

Educational Platform Stage 1

Neutron’s Educational Platform offers a top-notch drag & drop editor, allowing teachers to easily create, modify and publish courses with battle-tested layouts to guarantee a seamless learning. It’s completely free to use. Just a small number of courses were added at this stage in order to test the platform.

v2.0.0 Major Network Update

Masternodes now required to run on port 32001 (single masternode per IP), Added 3% dev fee, Fixed negative stake reward display in GUI, Various other fixes and improvements.


Nik Patel, Matt, Carl, join the Neutron team to advise and further expand our coin with their diversified backgrounds.

Initial Teacher’s Screening Started

We’ve already begun accepting a selected few teachers to test and explore the beta version of the platform for further improvement.

Educational Platform Beta Release

The platform is now fully tested and the test courses are already ready to be sold to the public. Users that pay with NTRNs will always have huge discounts.

Tech Support Team

@oicu8 is the full-time tech support specialist, help the community with their Masternodes and much more. A proud adition to the Neutron Coin Roadmap.

Wallet V1.1.3

Wallet UI performance fixes (no more freezing!) , Added testnet, Added update button on masternode list, Fixed display of stake rewards, Fixed version number in Windows wallet UI.

Apparel E-Commerce

A functional e-commerce that ships worldwide all the inventory. We will start with t-shirts, and quickly expand to hats, mugs, posters, phone cases, sweatshirts, and bags.

Wallet v1.1.2

All major bugs will be fixed to have every thing running smoothly for the big investment in marketing.

3% Development Fee Implemented

3% of all stake will be invested in supplying a constant technical development of the coin.

Social Medial Team

@cananet, @depiyster and @specter start to boost twitter & facebook ads, activity and engagement.

New Wallet/Blockchain Developer

@ev our wallet specialist, is on board for constant wallet upgrades and bugfixes.

New Wallet

New Wallet deployed, no .conf addnodes needed, new block explorer, new seednodes, new DNS server. One of the main releases on the Neutron Coin Roadmap.

New Public Relations

Sean Suckerman joins the Neutron team as a PR/Brand Ambassador to further spread the project and expand networking further expanding the Neutron Coin Roadmap.

Rebranding & New Positioning

After perfecting the Masternodes and network stability, helps Neutron find a new  and unique direction to stand-out: education.

New Website

Updated Website is launched – explaining better and clearer our proposal for new investors and also allowing a better community management with the forums.

Listed on Nova Exchange

Neutron is now available on Nova Exchange.

Partnership with

Reinforcements to the Neutron team – Hypester is helping with the new website, marketing, copywriting and community management – listening to the community and helping us to speed-up our growth.

Listed on Cryptopia

Neutron is now available on Cryptopia Exchange.