Today I bring to you the Mobile Version of a Neutron Coin Wallet.


Many Thanks goes to Harcomia for making this possible. Now Neutron Coin Users can send and receive NTRN using an Android device. This makes it possible to now use QRCodes for sending/receiving.

Being joined with Harcomia, they have a list of features they provide like masternode monitoring, daily rewards, airdrops, crypto news, vip access areas, as well as direct help and support links. 

To get your Neutron Coin Mobile Wallet, simply visit your googleplay store on your Android device, and search “Harcomia”. 

Once installed, my scanner checked the app and ensured it was safe. 

I will provide a direct link here to the app:

When initially starting the app, you can choose to login via Google, Discord or create a new account. 

During this setup, there will be a section to enter a promo code. Use the following code to receive your reward. 

Enter Code Here: 

Once you get to the home screen, you will see it is empty. Look to the top right corner and click the plus sign.

Here you can create a new Mobile wallet for Neutron Coin, Harcomia and many others.

Once you click the coin of your choosing, You will be taken back to the wallet screen. Here you can find your address and all the functions needed. 

Clicking on the Receive button, then clicking the small QRCode, you can get your Large QRCode to share for easy receiving.

To send, simply click the Send button in the wallet page of your coin, (withdraw if looking at Deposit page) click Scan QRCode and scan the code or type/paste in the address and amount.

Be sure to click Cashback at the bottom, Click day 1 air drops and come back daily to collect them all!

I find the app very useful, unique, functional and has a great feel to it. Once again, I want to give Thanks to The Harcomia Team for making this possible. 

Also, Thank You for Your Continued Support of Neutron Coin. Feel free to join our live Discord Chats, giveaways, resource links and updates here:

Please Visit Our Discord and Visit #neutron-mobile-bounty Channel,
Screenshot & POST your Neutron Wallet QRCODE There.
I Will Personally Give Each Member A Reward As A Thank You For Your Continued Support! Lets Get MOBILE ROLLING!!!!

Many Thanks for stopping by,
Lead Dev